Stone of Destiny

Legend has it that the first settlers of Maynard’s Crossing were plagued by a nightmarish beast called The Great Ebon Dragon. Rising from his lair in the swamp, the monster would sweep through town in the dead of night, destroying and ransacking with no warning.

Town founder and then-mayor Maynard Soluce sought to save his fledgling colony, and bravely pursued the beast into the Trackless Fen. In a swift and terrible battle, the dragon struck Soluce down and left him bleeding in the swamp. Near death, Soluce collapsed on a stone as the dragon returned to his lair, mocking his foolhardy challenger.

As the world grew dim around him, Maynard heard a voice, resplendent with majesty. Pelor appeared before him with the message:


Maynard felt strength return to his limbs as his wounds closed. He arose, filled with vigor and newfound might and chased the dragon into its own den. There he slew the monster, leaving its body to decay in the fetid cave.

Returning to his town a hero, Maynard had the stone installed in the Chapel to Pelor, where it remains to this day.

The Stone of Destiny is an unassuming pale slab. Its regular shaping suggests that it was once part of some ancient structure, though who would have built it and what it was used for are purely conjecture. Pilgrims are permitted to see the relic freely; donations to the church are strongly recommended for those who wish to touch it. It is said that Pelor will grant new life unto those for whom fate has some greater role in mind. Infrequently, visitors who touch or lie upon the slab claim to have some ailment or injury miraculously healed. These rumors fuel pilgrimages among Pelor’s faithful, each hoping that they are one day destined for greatness.

Stone of Destiny

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