Rue Sinn

Northwatch District is home to many of the darker elements in Maynard’s Crossing. Of these, none is better known than the notorious Rue Sinn. Officially known as Rue Sienne, the winding route is home to several burlesque theaters, backalley drug dens, and houses of ill repute. The town guard is well aware of the street’s reputation, but residents and patrons are predictably uncooperative when the law is involved. On any given night, the street is full of shifty-looking sailers and workers ducking in and out of alleyways.

Among the more notable of establishments on this infamous street is the Elemental Grotto bordello. Run by a firy-haired madam known only as Velvet Rose, the house caters to the desires of those eager to exchange coin for companionship. They boast of being able to satisfy any client, for the right price.

Opium dens in the githyanki style are a frequent presence, but move around frequently to escape the eyes of the law. After-hours bootlegger bars are another mainstay of the troubled street. Tammel’s is a speakeasy where dwarven moonshine can be purchased at any hour of the night.

Those who come to Maynard’s Crossing looking for trouble are bound to find some on the Rue Sinn. Be cautious, lest you find more than you bargained for.

Rue Sinn

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