Forge and Hestia's

Tieflings are an uncommon sight in Maynard’s Crossing, but Forge and his sister Hestia are two of the more prominent ones. Both came to the Crossing at a young age, and apprenticed with local tradesmen. They quickly became masters of their respective trades, and pooled their meager savings to buy a shop in the Sunsgate District that they jointly operate.

Hestia is a seamstress by trade, mending clothes and operating her loom for commissions. She has created several original gowns that have garnered attention for Maynard’s Crossing’s upper crust. Additionally, she manages the finances for both her and her brother’s work.

Forge is a respectible blacksmith, and has an advantage in that he doesn’t need to wear protective clothing while he works. His end of the shop is a hot, smoky cell where he feels right at home. Many town guardsmen see him for regular upkeep on their armor. Forge isn’t very socially conscious, but his work is fast and efficient. He also maintains the building.

Visitors looking for clothing or weapons should consider Forge and Hestia’s. Hestia claims to know everyone worth knowing in Maynard’s Crossing, and loves to meet new faces.

Forge and Hestia's

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