Festival of the Sun

Every year, as summer winds to a close, Maynard’s Crossing becomes home to travellers from all over the land. The Church of Pelor hosts an annual festival that stresses levity, healthy trade relations, and kindness to your fellow man.

The four-day festival typically begins with the establishment of a vast tent bazaar. For the remainder of the festival, vendors and merchants will be hocking wares from recovered artifacts to livestock within the circle of tents.

Nearby, the dining tent will be raised. Chefs from all over come to pit their skills against one another in various cooking competitions, but the spectators are the real winners, as the crowd decides the victor. Affordable fare can be purchased from dozens of vendors, and local breweries ensure that hearts are light.

The main event of the festival begins at dawn on the second day. Teams are chosen at random to compete in the festival games. Teams compete in challenges of strength, skill, and wit before the two final squads face off in a battle royale. It’s all in good fun, of course, and clerics are on hand to patch up any accidental injuries. The winners are crowned Champions of the Festival, and are afforded mock “privileges” for the remainder.

The third day features the performances of local bards and musicians, with awards given out for particularly well-recieved acts. At night, playwrights perform their latest works, with popular pieces typically booked for ongoing engagements.

On the fourth and final day, a grand feast is held, in hopes of clearing out the last of the stocked foods. Merchants typically are bargaining hard, trying to sell the last of their wares before the vast customer base disappears. In the morning, tents will be stowed, goods boxed back up, and Maynard’s Crossing will again become its normal, peaceful self. Until next year.

Festival of the Sun

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