Arcane Academy

In the furthest reaches of Janus Valley, there is a vast tower. This is the fabled Arcane Academy. Isolated from the rest of the world, some of the greatest wizards of this age gather to shape their successors. Under the direction of master wizard Temeridan pal’Cosi Elihu, boundaries in magical research are constantly shattered. To be accepted to the Arcane Academy is to show the utmost promise in mastering magic.

The Arcane Academy was founded hundreds of years ago by a small cabal of wizards. Knowing the potential for destruction that magic had in untrained hands, they dedicated themselves to training aspiring spellcasters in its responsible use. From those beginnings, the Arcane Academy has grown to a small magical town of nearly three hundred. Today, it graduates a few new trained spellcasters every year, and produces several enchanted objects that aid in healing and communication.

The tower is designed to be awe-inspiring. Seemingly grown from the land itself, it glitters in the sunlight thanks to brilliant stained-glass windows. Inside are arcane laboratories, summoning chambers, and scrying glasses, all of which are designed to tutor tomorrow’s mages. Unlike other comparable schools, the Arcane Academy stresses the importance of a balanced education, and trains students in the use of even necromancy and nethermancy (with strictly- enforced ethics, of course). The result are students who are well-heeled in even the most obscure casting styles. Upon graduation, many new wizards either remain at the Academy to educate the next generation, or travel abroad to apply their education professionally. Needless to say, a letter of marque from the Arcane Academy carries considerable weight.

Though outsiders may see the academy as a mystical wonderland, it is not without its perils. Summoned creatures have been known to slip their wards, creating havoc. The occasional possession by demons or other forces is not unheard of. More frighteningly, the corrupting potential of magic has been too much for some wizards to take. Mercifully, incidents such as these do little to tarnish the Academy’s reputation. Those who crave the knowledge of the planes would do well to seek counsel there.

Arcane Academy

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