Knight-Commander Daltrym

She Is the Law


Nuata Daltrym was recruited into the Maynard’s Crossing town guard at a young age, and was promoted to Knight-Commander some five years ago. In the intervening time, she’s led an immensely popular crackdown on tariff dodgers and street crime. The general population sees her as a figure to be lauded, while the criminal element has learned to fear her wrath. Her underlings seem evenly split between the two schools of thought.

Daltrym is a stern authority, who takes her job very seriously. Lacking any kind of magical background, she has a deep distrust of spellcasters, and has lobbied the magistrate many times for tighter regulation of them. She sees adventurers as an inevitability, and won’t interfere with them, providing they respect her laws.

Daltrym has of late been attempting to whip the guard into shape, with mandatory additional training, and an increased street presence. The recruiting boom has resulted in more officers, but she is strongly pushing them to become more combat- ready.

Though she rarely sees action anymore, Knight- Commander Daltrym is a brutally effective combatant. Years of service as a beat cop on the docks have taught her that the best way to end a struggle is with an overwhelming first strike. In a brawl, she will always lead from the front, taking down the most dangerous combatant, and trying to cow the others into standing down. Needless to say, if she has to be called into the fight, she’ll damn well end it right there.

Knight-Commander Daltrym

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