Elder Hadhra

Solid as a Rock


Like all elders of the Deorai Goliaths, Elder Hadhra has sacrificed much for the good of the tribe. The reclusive group wanders the highlands of the Daelfarn Mountains, dwelling in yurts and ever seeking new feeding grounds for their herds. The tribe is rigorously suspicious of outsiders, and depend entirely on each other for survival. Deorai Elders are asked to renounce personal ties and act only in the interest of the tribe as a whole. Hadhra has complied with this, though she seems more favorably inclined towards outsiders. Her reasons for this are unknown.

Hadhra is a venerable goliath, who wears her age in every crease of her wizened face. Her eyes betray a sprightly spirit, however, and show that her mind remains sharp, even in her old age. Her dedication to her people is unfailing, despite the lingering sadness that she hides beneath her stoic exterior.

Elder Hadhra

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