Maynard's Crossing

Maynard’s Crossing is a bustling port town on the Forbidding Coast. It has existed in some form for nearly a millenium. The city is one of the few safe harbors among the sharp granite crags that ring the coastline. As such, Maynard’s Crossing is a popular stopover for those about to undertake (or having recently completed) lengthy sea voyages. It is also a minor pilgrimage site for worshippers of Pelor. Though clocking in at a paltry 1200 permanent residents, Maynard’s Crossing has a varied population as a result of its status as a crossroads.

Currently, Maynard’s Crossing is divided into several districts. Most visitors’ first sight is the Waterfront District, which has the expected shipping companies and warehouses, as well as a vibrant nightlife, courtesy of the many fine inns and taprooms.

For a historical experience, Southside, or Oldtown, as it’s sometimes called, has a plethora of buildings from all eras of the Crossing’s history. Classic houses blend with fantastic hilltop mansions for Maynard’s Crossing’s elite. The Oldtown Graveyard is located in this district as well.

For those with more worldly tastes, the Northwatch District is home to much of the Crossing’s workforce. More affordable taverns and businesses can be found here. The infamous Rue Sinn is located in this district, appealing to those with no concerns for propriety.

Sunsgate District is in the center of town, and hosts many of Maynard’s Crossing’s shops and local businesses. By far, the most prominent sight here is the magnificent Temple of Pelor, home of the legendary relic, the Stone of Destiny. Father Ignatius is the evangelical archbishop who promotes the Stone as a must-visit holy artifact.

The Harvest Walk is at the east edge of town, and serves as the primary pathway between the Crossing and the farmlands beyond.


Nearly one thousand years ago, a ship captain, Maynard Soluce, encountered a terrible storm at sea. Praying to Pelor to clear the clouds, he guided his sinking ship through a natural gap in the rocks. That gap is now the main harbor for Maynard’s Crossing, and Maynard and his castaways founded the town on the spot where their ship ran aground.

Over the years, the town has been flooded, sacked, siezed, and forgotten, but it has always persisted. Its rich history spans ages and bears the stories of a thousand heroes.


The city is administered by an appointed magistrate. The magistrate is the authority in all legal matters, interprets laws, and oversees court cases.

The Town Guard handles primary investigative and detention duties. Knight-Commander Daltrym commands the Guard, who operate out of a number of barracks and gaols scattered around the city. Though trained well for urban police work, the relative tranquility of the immediate area has left the Guard lacking when responding to more esoteric threats.


Maynard’s Crossing has a surprising number of goods and services for a town so minor.

Popular taverns include:

The Lady of the Sea- Waterfront District
The Rumrunner Tavern- Northwatch District

Sunsgate District includes many fine businesses including:

The Curiosityworks – Magic items, trinkets, novelties.
Forge and Hestia’s – Blacksmithing and seamstress duties.
Barov’s Elixers – Alchemical ingredients.

The Temple of Pelor provides clerical services in exchange for donations. Pilgrims can tithe to touch the sacred Stone of Destiny as well.

Maynard's Crossing

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