Cadiabh Morh

The ancestral city of the Deorai Goliaths, Cadiabh Morh is a forlorn graveyard these days.

It wasn’t always such. Long ago, the ancient nomads of the Deorai tribe discovered a place where they could at last settle. Nestled in a hollow in an imposing mountainside, Cadiabh Morh was a secure home for the reclusive and hardy Deorai. Unfettered by intrusion or politics, the Deorai were free to graze their flocks on the mountainsides and grow their culture.

The goliaths of Cadiabh Morh maintained strong ties with their elemental brethren. Elemental beings were granted physical form and lived alongside the tribe, working and enjoying an existence in the prime. Much of the cyclopean architecture of Cadiabh Morh was built by rock elemental hands.

All of that changed two decades ago. In the wake of a raid on a trio of vicious gorgon witches, a terrible curse befell the city that turned its inhabitants to stone. The few survivors were left a hardscrabble nomadic life. The surviving elders declared the curse a punishment for having forgotten the old ways. Now left to their ancient lifestyle, the Deorai Goliaths travel the mountains, their grim, shadowed homeland never far from their thoughts.

Cadiabh Morh

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