The Room of Pools

Drink it In


From the notes of Kyle Rosering

  1. It looks all pretty and green and stuff, but you drink it and you fall asleep.
  1. This one’s just water.
  1. It’s all shiny like a mirror. When you touch it, you wind up in the pool, even if the bit you touched was spilled on the floor. It’s like a portal.
  1. It’s green and slimy. The adventurers told us that it came to life and attacked them, so we’re leaving it alone.
  1. Kind of yellowish, but it’ll dissolve anything you put into it. Doyle lost a finger touching it.
  1. Elvish wine! We’re going to test this one tonight and come back in the morning.
  1. Think and oily. Cobb drank some and has been sick for hours. It’s hilarious.
  1. This water makes fish, for some reason. Even if you just take the water, fish start showing up.
  1. It’s super cold ice. It’s really hard to get near it.
  1. Slow water. Anything that gets splashed with it moves really slow for a while.
  1. Really sparkly water. When you drink from it, you start seeing all these crazy auras and stuff. It’s really far out.
  1. This water makes a force field around itself and hits like a brick when it splashes something.
  1. This one just seems like water, but the adventurers said it enchanted a robe for them. I think they’re having us on.
  1. It’s like there’s liquid fire in this pool! That doesn’t make sense!
  1. Pretty cloudy, but if you drink from it, you remember something that you’ve forgotten. I remembered where I left my hatchet!
  1. It smells kind of spicy, but if you drink some, you go nuts! Karl and Doyle got into a big fight.
  1. The adventurers told us about this one. It heals you if you’re hurt. Doyle even grew his finger back.

The Room of Pools

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