Mythic Mineral


The secrets of cloudstone are believed lost to the ages. Cloudstone only appears naturally in isolated conditions in the Elemental Chaos. Thus, all cloudstone in the world had to be summoned via a long-forgotten ritual, or brought back by planar travellers.

Cloudstone is a milky white, porous stone that has the appearance of alabaster. It holds a mild sheen when polished, and is easily shaped by most tools. Cloudstone’s value mostly comes from the difficulty in obtaining it. In the days of the old kingdoms, having cloudstone jewelry was a statement of considerable wealth and magical resources.

From time to time, archaic pieces of cloudstone are found in ancient tombs or ruins. These have substantial worth to collectors, but the relative obscurity of the material means that many of these pieces are discarded for items of more obvious value. A shame, as a means of obtaining the lightweight stone may never be known again.


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