Aegwar's Journal (Excerpts)

Notes for the Curious


12th Fireseek, 107th year of the Age of Lights

My travels have taken me across the breadth of the world in search of naturally-occurring sources of magic. I’ve spent the last season in these mountains, tracking the magics here. I feel that finally, my journey is at an end. I’ve located a system of caves that will suit my purposes handily. With what remains of my savings, I’ve commissioned one of the local dwarf tribes to build a few structures here. I intend to permanently relocate and continue my research on the ambient magic of these mountains.

8th Flocktime, 108th year of the Age of Lights

Construction is at last finished! I bid farewell to Hriem and his masons. We’ve little in common, but I suspect that I’ll soon be longing for the companionship. Regardless, this domicile is uniquely suited to my needs. In the very heart of the earth, the dwarves have constructed a number of basins. I intend to use the natural springs that flow through these mountains as a medium to isolate and study the interactions of flows of magic.

17th Patchwall, 108th year of the Age of Lights

Over the last several months, I’ve managed to isolate seventeen individual strains of magic that I’ve coalesced into my pools. The research will be painstaking, but I’ve now the means to study the interactions of ambient magic in a simple fashion.

6th Sunsebb, 108th year of the Age of Lights

It is rapidly becoming apparent that combining magics isn’t as simple as mixing phials. Some combinations are dangerously unstable, while others are inert. Ratios are key. To that end, I must progress slowly and methodically. I desire nothing more than to mix all the samples together and see what results, but I have no way of predicting the outcome. Best to progress carefully.

19th Fruitfall, 136th year of the Age of Lights

I’m running out of sample bottles again. My experiments with the force pool have yielded little thus far, and what I’ve collected is…risky to dispose of. I believe I’ll drop it in favor of another attempt at blending the time and memory pools.

21st Fruitfall, 136th year of the Age of Lights

There was a strange light in the sky last night. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I find my mind wandering from my studies. Some thing about it seemed… ominous, somehow. Its incline suggested that whatever it is may have impacted in the hills west of here. I may make a sojourn to try and find it.

24th Fruitfall, 136th year of the Age of Lights

Having had no luck in dispelling thoughts of that strange celestial body, I’ve gathered a few provisions and set out to try and find its resting place. I hope that in doing so, I can remove it from my mind and return to my research.

26th Fruitfall, 136th year of the Age of Lights

Acting on my best estimations, I’ve arrived at the spot some leagues west of my home where that wayward object must have struck. I found the typical remains of such a landing; some scorched underbrush, and an impact site. The crater left behind was miniscule, and surrounded by an area of pallor, perhaps from ash. I’m certain the object must have evaporated on contact. I believe I can think easier now.

2nd Readying, 137th year of the Age of Lights

During one of my infrequent trips into Hala Xel to secure provisions, I chanced upon a halfling from a nearby village who had been discovered in state of listless delirium. Though he was beginning to recover, one of the elvish healers sought my council, as his illness was wholly unknown to them. I found nothing wrong with him physically, but, examining his possessions, I found his waterskin to be tainted by some unknown contaminant. I took samples of it, and brought them home for study. I can detect no traces of poison, nor vectors for disease, but it is plain to see that some pollutant is responsible for the halfling’s illness.

21st Readying, 137th year of the Age of Lights

After innumerable tests, I’ve developed an antidote for the halfling’s contaminated water, though the nature of the contagions still eludes me. It’s a simple mixture of three parts water from the healing pool, one part from the evolution pool, and two parts from the aura pool. I set out immediately to treat the wells from which the tainted water was drawn. Having applied a minute amount of my cure, the wells were purified almost immediately. I left the remainder of the bottle with the villagers. I intend to use my dowsing abilities to trace the origins of Sweetwater’s springs and cure this contamination at its source.

23rd Readying, 137th year of the Age of Lights

I was a fool.

The underground streams that fed Sweetwater’s wells have led me to the site of last year’s celestial impact. Instead of the thriving countryside of before, I found a wasteland that I estimate to be nearly a mile in diameter. I could detect no signs of wildlife or game, and what local vegetation persists has taken on a brittle, ashy pallor. I can’t believe I was so easily misled. My instincts told me that the light in the sky had some unwholesome quality to it, and now I know they were right. I shall continue to examine this blighted land in the hopes that I can find the source of the contagion and cure it.

30th Readying, 137th year of the Age of Lights

I’ve located a cave opening that must have been obscured by growth during my explorations months ago. I believe that the headwaters of the springs, and the source of the unnatural poison, to be inside. Whatever last year’s impact has awoken must be destroyed. Given its effectiveness on the halfling’s wells, I can only assume that my curative mixture will be similarly potent against the source itself. I will return to the cave to try and learn more about what I face.

1st Coldeven, 137th year of the Age of Lights

I’ve returned home to gather a few belongings, a few more vials of cure formula, and some of the more volatile waters from my pools. I could have stopped this before. I fear that I now know the nature of what I face. I pray that I’m wrong.
Gods help me.


Aegwar's Journal (Excerpts)

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