Xelian Primal Spirits

A Veritable Menagerie


Hala Xel is tended by a conclave of elvish shamans. In matters of substantial concern, the spirit-talkers consult with powerful primal spirits that represent the first creatures to dwell in the mountaintop forest. The four spirits of Hala Xel were chosen both for their importance to the community and the values which they represent. The four Xelian Spirits are:

Atrox, the Panther, Spirit of Ferocity : Atrox is a fearsome great cat that epitomizes the elves’ speed and cunning. He is frequently consulted in matters of defense, and manifests in the form of a large, black, maned cat that glows slightly.

Apidia, the Bee, Spirit of Community: Hala Xel depends on bees both for honey and for pollinating the numerous fruit trees that feed the population. Apidia represents the necessity of cooperation and industry. Appearing as an immense honeybee, Apidia guides the elves on matters of industry and civil disputes.

Acciptr, the Hawk, Spirit of Vigilance: The giant spectral hawk known as Acciptr is eternally watchful. She dispenses advice on criminal matters.

Argiope, the Spider, Spirit of Creation: The primal ancestor of Hala Xel‘s domesticated spiders, Argiope represents the elves’ art and craftsmanship. He advises the elves on matters of creativity through cryptic messages woven into spectral webs.

In infrequent ceremonies seldom seen by outsiders, the elvish shaman will use ritual totems to invoke a fragment of the primal spirits. These conclaves serve a similar function to town hall meetings in non-elven cities. During the ceremony, the spirits will manifest in corporeal form, and their council will be sought.

Xelian Primal Spirits

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