Let Me Cut You a Deal


Vikus isn’t a brave man, or a powerful man. On his own, he’s not particularly a dangerous man. Nevertheless, he has carved a niche for himself among the hustlers and smugglers of Maynard’s Crossing‘s ofttimes seedy waterfront. With a mixture of guile and subterfuge, Vikus has established a reputation as a consummate professional in the fields of illegal procurement and information brokering. Maintaining ties with well-heeled crime bosses from nearby cities, Vikus wheels and deals his way through life, occasionally relying on his comprehensive knowledge of Maynard’s Crossing’s storm drains to escape trouble. In his home town, he remains a mostly small-time operator, which might have helped him survive this long.

Vikus is currently wanted by the Maynard’s Crossing town guard for smuggling, conspiracy, petty larceny, tariff dodging, bribery, graft, falsifying documents, and jailbreak.


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