Velvet Rose

Hot and Bothered


The genasi madam who runs the Elemental Grotto brothel in Maynard’s Crossing is known by the false name Velvet Rose. She’s a lithe and shapely woman, with locks that burn with a rosy pink hue. Her exotic appeal has won her many fans, beginning with her first appearance as a burlesque performer in the Northwatch District eight years ago. Before long, she had renovated a large manor on the notorious Rue Sinn that she turned into the premiere bordello in town.

Velvet is much craftier than her line of work would suggest. She cares deeply for her girls, and those who hurt or victimize her employees have been known to suffer painful or publically embarassing accidents. Though her charms are undeniable, it is unknown how she manages to keep the town guard out of her affairs.

Velvet Rose

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