Unknown Orpheon

That Reminds Him of a Joke...


The half-elf bard “Unknown” Orpheon (“I was named after my dad, you see.”) is a comedy performer and sometime adventurer. While his background is subject to copious lies and exaggeration, a few points can be agreed upon. He is probably the son of a wandering adventurer and an elvish druid. (“Elves are easy. Have you ever heard of a half-gnome?”) He has probably been a treasure hunter in the past. (“My last adventuring company dissolved. In acid.”) He has an incredibly foul mouth. (“Oh yeah, well &% Gruumsh in his missing eye!”) Despite this, he manages to eke out a living as a travelling storyteller. And sometimes begger.

Orpheon is currently on a leg of his comedy tour, playing seedy dives across the land. His shows aren’t family friendly, but he’s an excellent source of local news, rumors and gossip. Female fans are encouraged to come talk to him after the show.

Unknown Orpheon

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