The Thing in the Cave

What the Hells Are You?


When a falling star crashed in a patch of wooded foothills, only the wizard Aegwar considered it noteworthy. That seemingly-innocuous celestial event has since impacted countless lives.

Plunging red hot through layers of rock, a tiny crystal came to rest in a deep pool that fed springs throughout the region. It was an unimpressive crystal, of a difficult-to-describe color, and angles that don’t quite seem to match up. Gradually, the thing in the cave extended its influence, draining its surroundings of vitality and color. As its influence spread, so did its control, and the twisted, barren trees began responding to an unfamiliar will. Few noticed the changes wrought in the remote woodlands, and a terrible hunger grows in the darkness.

The unself is inferior. All is fodder for this one. The Spawnsire will come.

The Thing in the Cave

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