The Oblivion Cabal

Dark and Twisted


Whoever the Oblivion Cabal are, they guard their secrets carefully. Only a handful have ever heard of the shadowy organization, and fewer still have seen them in action.

The few witnesses describe them as humanoid, of various sizes and body shapes. All dress in identical purple and dark green robes, which limits identification. They do possess a wide variety of skills and abilities that they use to capture or kill their targets. One description that is consistant across the board is that there is something decidedly unnatural about their movements. The total size of the organization is unknown, though it is estimated to be small. Distinct individuals in the group are likewise difficult to determine, as their uniform robes mean that only a few members are visually distinct from one another.

The Cabal possess a considerable amount of knowledge about current and future events, the source of which isn’t known. What is known is that the Cabal is prone to speaking ominous rhetoric about the imminent death of the world. When engaged in combat, they will fight without regard to their own safety, as they are known to employ False Death rituals to return again and again..

Cultists thus far encountered:

Unknown male, burning eyes, mind control abilities
“Callithus,” male, growth powers
Unknown female, able to turn into a vaporous form
Unknown male, arms are actually a mass of stretchy barbed tentacles
Unknown female, produces damaging beams of light
Unknown male, fast, unmasked visage causes terror
Unknown female, duplication powers

The Oblivion Cabal

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