The Goldomain Family

Family Ties


Originally from a family of farmers on the outskirts of Hala Xel, the Goldomain family is a troupe of elves who sought to broaden their horizons by settling in Maynard’s Crossing. Bakers by trade, the Goldomains, let by father Elben, left the forest to try their hand at baking for a larger customer base. Along with him, he brought his wife, Iriethana and their five children:

Leodon, eldest, and an avid hunter and trapper,
Eilatris, tomboy and handy with a sword,
Janvyre, giggly and imminently feminine,
Waldat, quiet and introspective,
and Davian, who is prone to flights of youthful fancy.

Additionally, the family brought Iriethana’s sister Lorastine along. She’s a natural at bookkeeping, but her personal life has suffered.

Yearning for a new opportunity, the Goldomain family came to Maynard’s Crossing to establish themselves as premiere purveyors of quality baked goods. They’ve found great success, making all manner of tasty treats, and making use of their children as a delivery staff. During the city’s recent brush with The Bone Butcher, Waldat was caught in a mad rush to escape the creature and injured in the panic. Though he’s recovering quickly, the latest bout of destruction was the last straw for Elben, who has decided to return his family to the ancestral farm on the outskirts of Hala Xel, where the only danger has been the odd gang of kobolds. They are quite well-supplied, and welcome any travelers heading that way to join their wagon train.

The Goldomain Family

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