Sun King

Shines So Bright


King Connor Eraphil IV is the latest in a line of rulers of the Kingdom of Dilos. Upon assuming the throne, he took the sobriquet of “The Sun King.” His choice of title reflects his desire to lead his kingdom out of the current dark age.

Connor is a young, idealistic monarch, who was trained at an early age to prize knowledge above all else. Since his coronation, he has spent fortunes attracting the greatest intellectuals, philosophers, and wizards to his city. He himself knows a bit of magic, but stands in awe of those who have made it their life’s mission to perfect spellcraft. He has assembled a personal company of master wizards known as the Magewrights to serve as his trusted advisors.

Connor wants desperately to be seen as an enlightened ruler. His critics consider him to be well-meaning, but frightfully naive. While his investments in Alba Therum have greatly benefitted the city, they argue that his money would be better spent protecting his people than on crusades to find ancient and powerful artifacts.

Sun King

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