Slatewright's Stonework

Tote that Rock, Lift that Shale


Slatewright’s Stonework is a dwarven masonry business, run by one Hrelder Slatewright. They maintain operations in the Janus Valley, doing business primarily in Maynard’s Crossing. Hrelder employs a team of ten full-time dwarf laborers, employing local help on-site when necessary.

Having been in Maynard’s Crossing during the rampage of The Bone Butcher, Slatewright was quick to offer the services of his company. He’s accepted a contract to supply raw materials and labor for the Northwatch District, but hasn’t got the stone to finish the job. He’s set to head out shortly to Hammerheim to secure raw stone from the numerous quarries.

Spending much of the year on the road, Hrelder has become quite familiar with the quickest routes throughout the region. He will share that knowledge with other travellers for a small fee.

Slatewright's Stonework

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