Shifty Brawn


The (slightly) older of two changeling twins, Sil led a childhood of restraint, despite her considerable athletic prowess. Her parents cautioned the twins against standing out, reminding them that their people survive only by hiding their true natures. Rejecting a lifetime of mediocrity, the twins bid a tearful goodbye to their family and set out in search of a lifetime of adventure. From the city of Gabira, the two began a series of adventures, sometimes on the side of law, sometimes as criminals. They’ve traveled from town to town, adopting new identities as old ones were compromised, and picking up an eclectic variety of skills.

Sil is the more quarrelsome of the twins, preferring to solve problems with force. Over the years, she’s become quite handy with a sword, and maintains a custom set of armor that she can fight in effortlessly. Sil is an adept weaponsmith, one of the few trained in secret Talavi blacksmithing techniques. It is a skill that has served her well as she has found herself travelling the world. Despite achieving her goal of adventure, Sil feels like something is lacking in her life. The changeling often laments that she and her sister never quite “make it,” and no matter how much progress they make, they always find themselves at square one in a new town with a new face. Nevertheless, she maintains a tight bond with Lexa, and will sacrifice anything for her.


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