Charming Devil


Sauvignon is a classically-trained bard in the old Turathi tradition whose one-man shows have won him critical acclaim in many larger cities.

Sadly, he’s not in any of those.

A rather unfortunate series of dodgy investments and some minor gambling debts left the tiefling in the less-than-receptive town of Brackwash. Never one to be defined by opposition, Sauvignon turned back to his library of boozed-up dive tunes to play in Brackwash‘s seedy holes in the wall. When the local thugs cut too deep into his profits, he utilized one of his other talents: mercenary spellcraft. Sauvignon signed up with a group of local adventurers, confident that he’d be able to leave Brackwash in the dust soon enough.

Sauvignon is able to channel arcane energy through his music. It both enables him to hold his own in a fight, and infuses his performances with a supernatural energy. Sauvignon has proven invaluable to his new adventurer friends, using his sharp wits to talk their way out of tough situations, and mending wounds with magical energy. His amiable personality keeps the peace between Keto and Lucia‘s disparate personalities, and he’s taken the young Mazel under his wing in particular.


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