Red Scale Gang

Small Time, Big Egos


The Red Scale Gang is a gang of kobold raiders that has vexed Maynard’s Crossing for years. Headquartered in the ruins of Baron Eames’s mansion, their activities were normally limited to raiding farmhouses and robbing the occasional traveller. Lately, though, their attacks have become more brazen, and far afield.

The gang is ostensibly led by a kobold wizard of minor ability called Nikkag. He commands respect, for a kobold, and his magic is destructive, though limited in scale. Since pledging loyalty to the dragon whelp Drax ir’Ignus, he has grown more bold. Nevertheless, his reach has exceeded his grasp. A disastrous attack on the lair of necromancer Canopius Vig resulted in the loss of several of his soldiers, and few spoils. In their frantic flight from the undead, several Red Scale members got separated. Reports persist of isolated clutches of kobolds lurking in the swamp.

In an attempt to restore their credibility, the Red Scale Gang launched a daring raid on the Festival of the Sun, injuring several and stealing a flock of sheep. Unfortunately for them, their actions drew the attention of a group of adventurers. The Red Scales’ days are numbered.

Red Scale Gang

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