Ravan Romar

Master of Unspace


Born to uncaring aristocratic parents centuries ago, Ravan Romar learned at a young age that the ends justify the means. His constantly power-grubbing family spared little time for him, leaving him in the hands of a series of tutors before his magic talents were discovered. Romar was then educated at the prestigious Planar Institute for a number of years, where he excelled. Ravan was an incredible study, capable of memorizing spells in days instead of years. His capacity for learning was augmented further, as the prodigy began experimenting with time-manipulation magic, that increased his productivity tenfold. He shortly decided that the academic environment was holding him back and left to pursue spellcraft independently. The Institute was sad to see such a talented student go, though they scarcely missed his ego.

Romar disappeared into hermetic study, and when he emerged, it was in a storm of devastation. The wizard returned to the world stage by seeking out and destroying people who had “wronged” him, generally over some minor slight. His few remaining colleagues from the Institute were his first targets. Later, he nearly crushed the nascent Arcane Academy, killing many of the early administrators simply because he could. During this time, he made numerous enemies including several noteworthy heroes. Those who sought him for vengeance returned in defeat, if they returned at all. The canny wizard had reportedly established a base inside a pocket dimension that made confronting him nearly impossible. As abruptly as his reign had begun, Ravan disappeared from history just as suddenly. Some say that he’d attained immortality and was orchestrating world events from behind the scenes, while others say that one of his numerous enemies had finally killed the madman in battle. His alleged lair, as well as his fate, were never determined.

Ravan was said to be a staggeringly haughty man. What accounts survive of his murderous rampages describe an almost palpable sense of superiority that hung about him, even as he cut a swath of devastation through all that lay in his path. He was frequently accompanied into battle by arcane constructs, including clockwork creations, golems, and creatures constructed from magic itself. His interests in life were reflected in the targets of his attacks: not gems or valuables, but arcane knowledge, or some useful magical device. It was theorized that he was in the process of some colossal undertaking when he disappeared, the aims of which were unknown.

Ravan Romar

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