She Will Rock You


In the wild places of the world ancient magic lingers. Creatures still tap into these forces, and unleash things that the world hasn’t seen in eons. Practitioners of these strange arts come in all forms. One such conjurer is the gorgon witch Petrakia. Along with her sisters, Lithone and Asmara, the three binders of ancient primal and elemental forces terrorized the goliaths of Cadiabh Morh, demanding a tribute of their precious magical relics. They struck fear in the hearts of the populace until the tribe’s runekeeper and several of the bravest warriors tracked the sisters to their lair and slew them in a battle that, it is said, shook the mountains.

At least that’s what they hoped.

Maimed and broken, the wily Petrakia had survived. Over the long months of her recovery, hatred burned inside her black heart. Revenge on the goliaths. Revenge for her sisters! When she was well again, she began her greatest work of witchcraft yet. A curse was the thing. A curse that would channel her natural powers. Carried in a vile smoke that her will would direct, it would kill all the wretched goliaths. As she wove her hateful magic, she could hear the screams of the dying cut short as the city turned to stone. In a single night, the goliaths were vanquished.

Into the mercifully silent city, Petrakia came. She could never forsake her sisters, so she had turned her remaining eye on them. Their new bodies were poor company, but she would need them in her new home. The elementals, servants of her hated enemies, would be her eyes. Her magics ensured they would watch the city for her, whether they wished to or not..

Crouched in the heart of the Deorai’s most sacred temple, Petrakia has spent the long years fawning over her hard-won prizes. When someone else comes by to steal her treasures, she unleashes the mists on them. And then the city is hers once again.


Tales From Janus Valley DM_Duende