Noni Rosering

Little Lady of the House


Noni Rosering is the proprietess of the Lady of the Sea tavern. She’s been a fixture in several local establishments, bartending and occasionally playing her mandolin for tips. Six years ago, she finally saved up enough to buy the Lady of the Sea from the retiring former owner. Her tavern has become a popular dining spot on Maynard’s Crossing‘s bustling waterfront. She’s fiesty and spirited, and quick to lend an ear to her customers.

Noni’s cousin has been visiting from Sweetwater Village lately, and has been causing the restauranteur no end of stress. Kyle and his hooligan friends have been occupying her private dining room, mooching drinks, and agitating customers. Noni would never turn her back on family, but if someone could convince her cousin that he should be moving on his way, she’d be much obliged.

Noni Rosering

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