High Priestess Megada

Bleed for Her


In the last days of the venerable Sea Elf empire, disquiet ran rampant. A crimson-haired elf maiden converted a band of disgruntled followers away from the worship of the sea goddess Melora to the hunger god Sekolah. As her patron demanded ever- larger sacrifices, Megada found herself slaughtering her own people. She never questioned herself for an instant. Only when the last of the priestesses of Melora was slain within the Sea Lady’s temple did the true scope of her blasphemy reach her. Melora struck down the Sea Elves, drowning their capital, and twisting the survivors’ bodies into hideous, misshapen forms. The empire was shattered, and the Sea Elves’ culture vanished into the mists of time.

Megada, however, survived. Leading the deformed dregs of her people, she continued enacting bloody rituals to draw the favor of the All-Consuming One. In return for her faith, she was gifted a new form, voracious and terrible, and began plotting within the ruins of her homeland. Sekolah hungers for more blood, and all that Melora holds dear will bear the cost…

Megada is unrecognizable as the elf she once was. In her past life, she was a talented wizard, gifted with spells of illusion and manipulation that have now been lost to time. As a priestess of the god of hunger, she commands a small army of followers who obey her will explicitly. Sekolah has gifted her with a formidable predator’s body, as well the secret to summoning vile parasitic creatures. She also has command over lesser sharks, creatures sacred to Sekolah.

High Priestess Megada

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