Kinda Spacy


An unassuming eladrin girl, Mazel appeared in Brackwash several months ago. Her orgins are unsure, as is her mental stability. She’s young, barely more than a child by eladrin standards, and prone to bouts of nervously talking to herself. Her appearance was abrupt, as she arrived in town on the day that a couple of local adventurers began assembling a company. She signed on immediately, with little more justification than “You’ll need me.” Though the group’s wizard, Lucia scoffed at the eladrin, she soon proved herself more than capable.

Mazel is a remarkably gifted sorceress. She channels huge amounts of arcane power, seemingly without any training. Possibly related, she possesses a remarkable understanding of astronomy, a skill that has guided the group on occasion. Possibly Mazel’s most striking contribution, however, is her almost unnatural insight. Despite hardly speaking to anyone outside her group, Mazel has time and again given them leads and information that have led to surprising adventures. It is unknown how she obtains this info, but her group has profited handsomely from it. Lucia begrudgingly admits that she’s proven herself, but Keto and Sauvignon still do their best to protect her. She may appear small and delicate, but she seems to think she’s the one doing the protecting.


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