Maynard Soluce

This Is His Town


Nearly one thousand years ago, Maynard Soluce was a ship’s captain who prayed to Pelor for favorable conditions. On one voyage, Soluce was ferrying a group of travellers near the Forbidding Coast when a great storm swept up. Battered by jagged granite rocks, Soluce realized that his ship was taking on water. Refusing to give into despair, the captain prayed unceasingly to Pelor for guidance. As if in answer, a single ray of sunlight pierced the clouds and showed Soluce a natural harbor. Guiding the limping vessel to shore, Soluce managed to beach his ship on what would one day become Maynard’s Crossing. His passengers and crew all survived.

The next months were difficult for the castaways. With little in the way of supplies, they were forced to forage to survive. Fortunately, the Janus Valley, as it would later be called, was an abundant provider. Soluce’s crew were able to fish, and hunting expeditions into the swamp yielded wild game. The impromptu colonists were able to construct a few ramshackle dwellings. Among the first of these: a chapel dedicated to Pelor.

Signal fires on the rocks eventually drew the attention of a passing merchant vessel to their natural harbor. Though they were rescued, several of the travellers, including Maynard Soluce, decided to stay and build upon the tiny town. Word spread of a new budding coastal village, and they were joined by others eager to build something new. Soluce was unanimously declared mayor of the new settlement, and a steady stream of speculators bolstered their numbers.

All was going well until the sudden attack of the beast of the fens, The Great Ebon Dragon. The behemoth creature destroyed without warning or mercy, and it looked as if the colony wouldn’t survive. After the third such attack, Maynard Soluce summoned his courage and pursued the beast to his cavern in the swamp. There, in terrible battle, he slew the monster, in the process recovering the Stone of Destiny.

Maynard returned to his town a hero, and dedicated the remainder of his life to Pelor’s service. In his twilight years, Maynard Soluce claimed to have recieved another divine vision. Girding himself one final time, he and a few of his townsfolk embarked on a mysterious quest into the mountains to the north. None were ever heard from again. Legends say that whoever discovers the final resting place of Maynard Soluce will recover the great power his god sent him to find.

Maynard Soluce

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