Maxwell Nehra

Lost It All When He Lost Her


Sometime in the last century, Maxwell Nehra was a successful dealer in antiques and furnishings. He had such notable clients as Baron Eames, and a thriving business run out out his family home in the fashionable part of Maynard’s Crossing. He also had an adorable daughter, Katarina. A widower, his business left him little time to attend to her. One fateful day, with no warning, she disappeared without a trace.

Maxwell put his business on hold and launched a massive search effort for her, hiring investigators and recruiting volunteers, but to no avail. She’d disappeared from her own bedroom, with only her toys as witnesses. No further information appeared, and support dwindled.

Soon, accusations began to fly that Nehra had some connection to her disappearance. Some said that the massive search effort was a coverup for a more sinister crime. Maxwell swore to the end of his days that he’d had nothing to do with his missing daughter. The community’s distrust took a toll on Maxwell’s health and he withdrew from the public eye.

A few years later, Nehra was commited to the Five Gables Asylum, after appearing in town raving about spirits haunting his house. He died there not long after, and his abandoned property became the source of much local superstition.

Maxwell Nehra

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