Magistrate Kale Buelow

He Makes The Rules In This Town


After a brief military stint as a crossbowman, Kale Buelow studied law, eventually being appointed magistrate of Maynard’s Crossing.He made a name for himself by cracking down on smuggling and leading the beautification of the Crossing’s waterfront. Now he’s a widower, content to arbitrate legal disputes and care for his many hunting dogs.

Buelow has mellowed considerably in his advancing years. He’s known for granting clemency in exchange for information on criminal activities in town. Though he and Knight-Commander Daltrym butt heads, the Magistrate is known as a wise and fair lawgiver.

The Magistrate vividly remembers his younger days of skirmishes on the borderlands. As such, he is quite inclined towards those who adventure for the greater good, and is willing to overlook a certain amount of vigilantism as long as it doesn’t endanger his beloved city. He also takes pride in the fame that heroic deeds bring Maynard’s Crossing, and will encourage anyone who shows promise to serve as unofficial “Defenders of the Peace.”

Magistrate Kale Buelow

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