Born to two of Alba Therum‘s elite Magewrights, Lucia had her future seemingly arranged for her. As everyone expected, she shared her genasi parents’ phenomenal aptitude for magic, and excelled at her studies from an early age. She tackled every challenge with relentless enthusiasm, and it seemed that little could be beyond her grasp. Her tutors were astounded, and their praise came to be accepted as a matter of course. There was talk that she might well be asked to join the Sun King’s personal retinue of advisers when her studies were completed. The big day came, however… and went. It seemed that for all her excellence in magic, Lucia knew only the classroom, and the Magewrights thought her ill-experienced. Lucia did not take this news well.

Wasn’t she brilliant? Wasn’t she the most talented? How dare those hedge mages imply that she was anything less than perfect for the task? Embittered, she left the shining city and vowed that when she returned, she’d show those stuffed shirts what real magic was.

Lucia departed to see the world, and learn magic that would show the Magewrights what she knew all along: that she was the best wizard of the Age, and they were wrong to doubt her. She quickly learned, however, that her credentials weren’t as impressive to the world, and she found herself struggling with the dangers of the wilds. Her pride wouldn’t let her admit defeat, though, and she fought back with every trick in her arsenal, and many that she learned on the fly.

She had secured passage on a ship bound for the northlands when a fateful storm blew in. The ship crashed, despite all her magical efforts, and Lucia was badly injured. She was rescued by an idealistic shifter named Keto, who took her to the lawless town of Brackwash. Chafing at the indignity, she planned to leave as quickly as possible, but the shifter asked her to become an adventurer alongside him. Though the thought of being indebted to the wild-eyed warden made her bristle, she had to acknowledge that he’d saved her life. Begrudgingly, she joined up, only to find that, with others by her side, she was much more capable. She’d never admit it, but the motley crew of oddballs that surround her might just be becoming her friends.


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