Shifty Brains


Forced to hide her changeling nature out of fear of violent reprisal, young Lexa found solace in building elaborate toys and disassembling machinery. While not appreciating the unintentional destruction, her parents encouraged her in her hobby, hoping it would guide her towards a quiet life. Instead, Lexa grew into a young woman who wanted to see the world. She and her sister left home while still quite young and began a career that has spanned numerous cities and identities.

Lexa found that, in addition to her aptitude with machines and enchantments, she possessed a flair for the dramatic. She frequently adopts larger-than-life personas and defuses conflicts with misdirection and wit. When that fails, she’s made quite a few potently enchanted devices that let her hold her own alongside her physically more capable sister. While she does her best to keep up, she secretly worries that, someday, she won’t have what it takes to keep her sister safe. She’ll never stop trying, though.


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