Just Keep Swimming


The order of merfolk known as the Tideshapers are a vital part of undersea life. Using a combination of magic and oceanic knowledge, they have an undestanding of the sea unequaled by terrestrial life. Merfolk communities call upon Tideshapers to maintain or manipulate their environs by controlling currents, flora, fauna, and dozens of other factors in a delicate concert. Day-to-day practices include acts as simple as adjusting the growth pattern of the kelp forests the merfolk depend on. In mass numbers, Tideshapers working together can cause devastating tidal waves, and sink ships wholesale.

Las’Ta’Kem’ta is a Tideshaper from the Mer city of Fathomreach. He maintains a tenuous grasp of the common tongue, passed down through his family from his great-grandmother, whose curiosity brought her friendship with several surface-dwellers. Las’Ta’Kem’ta uses this skill as the de facto translator for the Tideshapers.

Many merfolk are growing frustrated with the increasing influence upon their homes from the surface world. Chief among their complaints is a spreading taint from the north that has been corrupting Fathomreach’s kelp fields. Las’Ta’Kem’ta shares their disquiet, but tempers it with an uncommon understanding that both societies, land, and sea, must work together as part of the greater whole.


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