Kyle Rosering

Come at Me, Tall Bro


Kyle Rosering is a halfling shopkeeper from Sweetwater Village. He frequently works at the family general store, manning the counter and doing heavy lifting. When not working, Kyle can be counted on to be loitering with his friends, roughhousing, and frequently disturbing the peace.

Several weeks ago, Kyle and his group volunteered to bring a wagonload of trade goods to Maynard’s Crossing for the Festival of the Sun. Typically someone more dependable would be selected, but none of the other villagers felt up to the task. After some cajoling, Kyle and the others loaded up the cart and went on their way. Since arriving in the Crossing, Kyle’s spirits have brightened considerably, and he and his posse can reliably be found causing a ruckus in the Lady of the Sea tavern, owned by his cousin Noni.

Kyle is hotheaded, and considered tough for a halfing. He’s been known to start scuffles with townsfolk over minor slights. When not trying to defend his tough-guy image, Kyle has shown a surprising interest in obscure alchemical items. A significant chunk of his earnings goes towards purchasing curious potions and reagents.

Kyle Rosering

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