Kragor and Sons Salvage

Someone's Gotta Do It


Kragor Durrn is a surly, corner-cutting, full-blooded orc, whose marriage to a mixed-blooded woman resulted in his rejection from orc society. Under pressure from his wife, he established a salvage yard that takes rubble, junk, and debris from all over the Janus Valley and attempts to recover valuables that he then resells. Kragor was overjoyed at the births of his three children, seeing them as an investment to make his own workload lighter. He added them to the name of the family business as soon as they were old enough to drag a timber, and seems heedless of the fact that his two eldest “sons” are actually girls.

Durrn’s operation is located on the outskirts of the Trackless Fen. He and his children use small barges in the swamp to make the transport of heavy loads possible. Having been in the vicinity of Maynard’s Crossing during the attack of The Bone Butcher, they immediately placed a bid to claim salvage rights on the wreckage left in the creature’s wake. They’re currently looking to hire additional armed support to take the large loads back to their salvage yard.

Kragor and Sons Salvage

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