He Ain't Got No Body


The gnomish serial killer Kisselweiss has become one of the bogeymen of Feywild stories. Over the years in which he operated, nearly fifty victims are attributed to him. Kisselweiss somehow learned sinister magic that allowed him to possess objects or creatures and feed on their lifeforce. He had operated in secret for years, leaving his original body in safety while he created havoc with stolen bodies, eventually leaving them withered husks.

He might have kept up his dark game forever had he not attempted a murder outside of his league. Kisselweiss had stolen the body of a travelling fey noble and requested an audience with The Lady in Autumn. His intention was to use the nobleman’s body to kill the fey queen, but the Lady proved far too powerful a target. Kisselweiss was forcibly pulled from his host by the Lady’s magic. She trapped his essence in an enchanted vessel before finding and destroying his mortal form in front of him. The vessel she left in an out-of the way fey prison.

There Kisselweiss would have remained imprisoned were it not for a twist of fate. By chance, a crack formed in the containment vessel. Kisselweiss was able to escape. Finding his jailors missing, he jumped from object to object until he discovered a small rift into the mortal world. With great effort, he was able to force his spirit form through the wards of his prison. Now in the mortal world, he was free, but lacked the energy to make it far without a body. For now, he must wait.

Kisselweiss is a sadistic and remorseless monster. He is capable of possessing nearly any corporeal form, though living forms with stronger wills require more energy from him. Travelling without a body drains his lifeforce quickly, which he must replenish by stealing from others. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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