Mr. Killgrave

The New Man About Town


The crimelord calling himself Mr. Killgrave is a lean shadar-kai gentlemen who’s turned the squabbling small-time crooks of Maynard’s Crossing into a big business. After newly elected magistrate Krisella cracked down on several prominent smugglers, the charismatic Killgrave swept in and promised protection and unity for anyone that cut him in on their profits. The local bruisers called the Wharf Rats immediately flocked under his banner, having suffered big losses under the new administration. After driving several competitors out of business, Killgrave remains one of the city’s last remaining power players.

Killgrave’s primary profit base has been in the acquisition and sale of magic artifacts in defiance of the citywide restrictions on the arcane. He’s shown himself to have quite the knack with dangerous constructs, employing magically-empowered clockwork creations to deadly effect. The enigmatic artificer fancies himself a showman, and strongly believes in sending a message with his theatrics. Run afoul of this underworld kingpin, and he’ll make an example of you.

Mr. Killgrave

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