Khalid Kashem

The Magic Man


Gnome wizard Khalid Kashem was the royal mage of the Court of Autumn Fey. He claims to have been betrothed to The Lady in Autumn though after some unnamed falling-out, she imprisoned him in a fey jail on the edges of her kingdom. Mysterious circumstances led to the prison becoming abandoned, and Khalid and the other prisoners formed an uneasy truce.

One fateful day, a human girl stumbled into the prison through a rift to the real world. Khalid placed her under his protection and began teaching her magic in he hopes that she could pull him through the rift. Abruptly, she stopped visiting, and Khalid sank into depression.

Khalid Kashem is a powerful wizard when encountered outside his fey prison. Inside, he retains his extensive arcane knowledge, but wards prevent him from using his full strength. He believes himself to be unjustly imprisoned, and despises his cellmates. He will use any resources at his disposal to escape the The Lady in Autumn, and will fight with reckless abandon alongside his pet armadillo, Dodi.

Khalid Kashem

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