The Keepers

The More They Change, the More Things Stay the Same


The Keepers are an order of druids who consider themselves the last line of defense in preservation of civilization. Since ancient times, they have sought dangerous and destructive artifacts and labored to keep them under lock and key. Masters of the druidic art of wild shape, Keeper agents stealthily track targets in innocuous animal forms. When a more direct approach is called for, they are more than capable of deadlier shapes, and can become a whirlwind of fangs and scales at a moment’s notice. The Keepers ultimately answer to the elder druid Naymax, a truly ancient elf who is believed to have been one of the founding members of the order.

Each Keeper operates with a great deal of independence. Keeper cells are organized in a loose hierarchy, with higher-ranking individuals being in charge of 8-10 agents who are scattered over a region. Keeper agents are often assigned a specific target by their direct superiors, and tasked with observing and containing significant threats. Occasionally these efforts dip into assassination, as well. Above all else, The Keepers value secrecy and discretion. When a challenge proves too great for one agent, additional reinforcements will be sent for, first from the agent’s cell, then from additional cells in times of greatest crisis. Oftentimes, the first warning a target has is a sudden attack by a herd of deadly beasts, who abruptly disappear into the night, confident the world’s ancient secrets will stay buried.

The Keepers

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