Katarina Nehra

A Doll Within A Doll


Katarina Nehra was the only daughter of a merchant. Her father was a busy man, and Katarina frequently wandered off alone. One day, while exploring the woods behind her house, she found a strange door. She went inside, and found herself in a magical forest. A strange little man found her, and kept her safe from the strange spirits of the forest. He said his name was Khalid Kashem and asked if she could help him. He told her that he’d gotten trapped in the forest long ago, but he could teach Katarina how to let him out.

Katarina visited her new friend often, and he taught her his magic. His only rule was that she promise never to use the magic unless he was there. Katarina promised.

But promises are hard for a child to keep, and the appeal of her new magic was too strong. Katarina tried to cast the spells like Khalid had showed her, but something went wrong. Katarina found herself on the floor, and unable to move.

Days blurred together. She could see her father and neighbors’ worried faces far above her. None of them seemed to notice her. After a while, it was just her, alone in the dark.

In time, Katarina learned to use what little magic she knew to move around. It was very hard, but she knew if she could just find her friend Khalid, he could help her.

Katarina Nehra

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