Headmaster Temeridan pal'Cosi Elihu

Deep Pockets, Strange Tastes


Temeridan pal’Cosi Elihu has been the headmaster of the prestigious Arcane Academy for the last four decades. Still middle-aged by eladrin standards, as well as strategic usage of age-defying magic, the Headmaster has leveraged his considerable magic talents into a vast personal fortune as well as a noteworthy career in writing and education.

With his current post largely administrative, Elihu has been free to pursue his other great interest: antiquities. Elihu is known to pay top coin for artifacts of historical note, and has personally invested in several larger-scale archaeological expeditions.

Elihu seldom appears in person, content to administer his projects remotely, through magical means. On the rare occasions he appears publically, he presents an impeccibly dressed figure, clad in the most expensive and current fashions. Often, he will be found with his wyvern familiar, Deceshi, in tow. Elihu is quite passionate about his personal projects, and has little patience for those who waste his time.

Headmaster Temeridan pal'Cosi Elihu

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