Cooking Up Trouble


Goursteau was a rare boggart that showed an interest in something other than mischief. In this case, the culinary arts. Somehow, the boggart learned the secrets of marinades and spices, becoming famed as one of the great chefs of the Feywild.

It was during his tenure as personal chef to The Lady in Autumn that his career took a decidedly darker turn. He’d been growing bored with his creations of late, seeing too little variety in the royal meals. Where were the exotic ingredients that he’d used in his earlier years? His dissatisfaction turned to hostility, and finally to murderous insanity. In an attempt to create what he called “the perfect roast,” Goursteau abducted, butchered, and cooked one of the handmaidens of The Lady in Autumn before attempting to serve her at a state feast. His horrific concoction was quickly discovered, and Goursteau was banished to a tiny fey jail in the farthest reaches of the kingdom.

Inside his prison, Goursteau’s madness has only grown. He views his imprisonment as oppression of his culinary genius. In his mania, he blames the fey for his current situation. Day after day, he sits over a bubbling cauldron, perfecting his recipes with the few ingredients available to him, and dreaming of the day when he’ll find new meats to add to his stew.


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