Sergeant Gaespa Furlevar

Watcher of the Woods


Hala Xel‘s forest heart is guarded zealously by a dedicated ranger corps. Though few in number, their skills are unparalleled. The leader of this crack team is Sergeant Gaespa Furlevar, a spunky elvish sniper. Gaespa was born in Hala Xel, and trained extensively with the bow before joining up with an adventuring company to see the world. After many exciting adventures, Gaespa returned to her homeland and joined the ranger corps. Her experience served her well, and she quickly found herself in charge of a respectable force after capturing a gang of poachers that were threatening the city’s food supply.

Hala Xel faces relatively few threats, and sometimes Gaespa finds herself longing for the thrills of her adventuring days. To pass the time, Gaespa trains ferrets, and is likely to have one or two of them accompanying her at any time. Gaespa is understandably favorably inclined towards adventurers and will go out of her way to help them.

Sergeant Gaespa Furlevar

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