Fanglord Naj



Fanglord Naj is an aged elf, the latest master of the nefarious Brotherhood of the Viper cult devoted to a primal snake spirit of incredible power. His order has dwelt in Hala Xel for centuries, undermining the rule of the shamans and building power and influence. Under his guidance, the cult’s generations- old selective breeding program finally came to fruition: a genetically perfect elvish child to become the vessel for Azemiops.

Unfortunately for the old elf’s scheme, Hala Xel officials caught wind of the cult’s subversive activities. In a night of bloodshed, many of the Brothers of the Viper were crushed, and Naj himself was believed slain. In actuality, Naj and his most loyal followers slunk into the caverns beneath the elvish city, secure in the knowledge that their savior was successfully evacuated and their order believed extinct. In the intervening years, they’ve begun growing in secret, preparing for the day when their avatar will crush all their enemies.

Fanglord Naj is of slight frame and relies on his more combat-oriented bretheren for protection. He is a talented spellcaster, particularly in matters of spiritcraft and divination. Perhaps his most distinctive mark is a tattoo across his left eye.

Fanglord Naj

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