A Strange Mind


The creature known as Egostab is an enigma. The first accounts of the creature came when a village belonging to the Court of Autumn Fey fell strangely silent. Messengers were dispatched to find out why, only to disappear themselves. Finally, a retinue of Eladrin soldiers, supported by The Lady in Autumn herself, travelled to the village.

They discovered a strange scene. A powerful psychic force had enslaved the villagers and the royal messengers. In the town center sat Egostab, who had compelled utter subservience from all around him. The royal retinue proved equally vulnerable to the reptile’s strange mind, and before long, The Lady in Autumn was attacked by her soldiers and townsfolk alike.

Subsequent details are sketchy, but one of the witnesses, a court bodyguard, claims that the first memory he has after his head began to clear was The Lady hoisting the beaten lizard by its throat and banishing it to a fey prison with a word.


Tales From Janus Valley DM_Duende