Corrin Hawke

A Chip Off The Old Block


Born to a family of notable adventurers, Corrin Hawke is the latest in a proud dynasty of explorers and fortune-seekers. From a young age, Hawke learned the family business of adventuring, and was taught on his father’s excavations, delves, and expeditions. He has grown into a sharp-witted, if still immature, young man, eager to make a name for himself. After a childhood spent learning navigation, obscure languages, and archaeology in the rough, he attended Haagenburgh University. Having recently concluded his studies there, Hawke returned home to find his father had disappeared on his latest trek, having evidently stumbled onto something groundbreaking. He mobilized at once, journeying to Janus Valley to reclaim his father’s adventuring gear from their arcane vaults and track his dad down.

Corrin has the training and pedigree of a veteran adventurer, but has yet to gain the experience or patience. He’s liable to make a number of mistakes along the way, but his heart is in the right place. Like his father, he’s a rowdy at heart, and is quick to resort to a scrap when his back’s against the wall.

Corrin Hawke

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