Chitter Clique Faeries

Vicious Little Buggers


The Chitter Clique first appeared as a rumor on the roads of the Feywild. Stories were told of a gang of bloodthirsty faeries that would ambush travellers, rob them, then disguise themselves as squirrels to escape capture. Many would dismiss these outrageous claims, only to fall victim to the faeries’ predations themselves.

As time went on, the Clique proved too elusive to catch. Their attacks became increasingly violent. Victims were found slashed to ribbons by tiny knives, or poisoned with giant doses of toxins. Locals in areas where the Clique was operating began slaughtering rodents wholesale, on the off chance that they might be members of the Clique in disguise. Nevertheless, attacks persisted, and the roving gang became terrors of the roads of the Feywild.

All that changed one fateful day. The Chitter Clique’s attacks had been growing in scope. Attacking a royal caravan from the Court of Autumn Fey, the murderous faeries were stunned when a whispered spell from The Lady in Autumn captured them all in bubble of magical force. Before the Clique knew it, they’d been imprisoned within inescapeable wards, and the terrors of the fey roads were never heard from again. Yet to this day, travellers in the Feywild are known to whisper prayers of protection when they spot a squirrel by the road.

Chitter Clique Faeries

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