Carod ir'Ignus

Scorched Earth


The famed draconic bloodline of Ignus has spawned some of the fiercest dragons in recent memory. Among the nastiest is Carod ir’Ignus. Though still young, Carod has already shown himself to be a vicious antagonist, having killed his younger clutchmates. He is thus both the oldest and sole survivor of the first brood of Lady Marista ir’Ignus.

Carod is nothing if not opportunistic, and has entered an “alliance” with the dark wizard Ravan Romar The wizard offers him a percentage of his spoils and a stream of adventurers and rivals to devour. In exchange, Carod guards the tower that hides the gateway to Ravan’s secret sanctum. Though Carod is convinced that he is merely biding his time until he eats the mage, Ravan’s sorcery is far beyond the dragon’s understanding. Each maintains the alliance, convinced that he is getting the better deal.

Carod has roosted in the roof of the otherwise vacant tower that hides the wizard’s gateway. He is disdainful of bipeds in general, and his soft opposition has made him heedless in battle with those he deems inferior.

Carod ir'Ignus

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